“An add-on sleeper option for Day Cab Commercial Truck Operators”

Introducing The Retractable Day Cab Sleeper

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The Retractable Day Cab Sleeper


Drivers can make journeys over several thousand miles. For Day Cab tractor truck operators that can make it difficult to get proper rest.

Unlike the larger more elaborate truck cabs that have a sleeper unit, Day Cabs don’t include the extra space for sleeping.

Introducing The Retractable Day Cab Sleeper, an add-on sleeper option for Day Cab Commercial Truck Operators. This innovative option allows Day Cab operators to get comfortable, safe sleep on longer hauls.

Once installed, operation couldn’t be simpler, unlock and swing the back wall and it becomes the roof/awning and then pull the bottom assembly and the hinged walls and back door expand out, accordion style. Once the walls are in place the floor swings down into place and the sleeper is ready to be used.

Day Cabs are preferred by many as they are lighter, more compact and easier to maneuver in business areas. With the Retractable Day Cab Sleeper, operators have the best of both worlds as they can now drive longer distances without worrying about sleeping in their cab or having to find lodging.

The Retractable Day Cab Sleeper can quickly pay for itself when considering the additional expense of lodging.
Lightweight design is constructed of aluminum and composite fiberglass to keep weights within D.O.T. compliance.


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Patent Info

A patent application has been granted. The Mars Rising Network performed the patent search and concluded there is nothing similar to this product on the market.


  • New and existing Day Cab trucks


  • Compact size

  • Quick and easy to expand and use

  • Works on most Day Cabs old and new

  • Helps drivers get a true rest

Meet the Inventor

CJ McCoy


About the developer

CJ McCoy is the Inventor of the Retractable Day Cab Truck Sleeper, a customizable add-on sleeper option for Day Cab Commercial Truck Drivers. Along with his extensive experience in the Transportation industry, Mr.McCoy is a seasoned Entrepreneur with various interests including real estate and Commercial Transportation, he has fully immersed himself in the development of innovative solution-oriented ideas.

As a Professional Contractor Commercial Truck Driver since 2014, Mr. McCoy has seen first hand the devastating impact that not having sufficient rest has had on the lives of drivers, their families and the community at large. Research shows that fatigue is a significant factor in Commercial Trucking accidents. In 2017, there were 91,000 police-reported crashes that involved drowsy drivers. The Governors Highway Safety Association issued a report concluding that the estimated annual societal cost of fatigue-related fatalities caused by collisions was over $100 billion.

Mr. McCoy’s one-of-a-kind invention is a practical solution that will revolutionize the trucking industry. The Retractable Day Cab Truck Sleeper ensures that Commercial Truck Drivers have direct access to the convenient safe space they need to get the necessary/mandatory rest they need and deserve. With the creation of a simple prototype and his Patent-Pending Design, Mr. McCoy is on the fast track towards bringing this much-needed product to the market. He is actively looking to engage with potential investors/partners who have a real interest in investing in this lucrative opportunity from the ground floor.


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